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HMS Wales are recruiting for Musicians to join our ship's company.

The Royal Navy used music in multiple ways, from communication, passing orders to improving morale and accompanying sea shanties.

Perhaps music is your passion, and as a sailor or civilian of HMS Wales, you prefer to bring along your instrument and play at events?

From fiddles, to fifes, to drums and any other instrument from the early 1800's would be most welcome at our events. We would encourage you to play during the day as well as in the evening round the camp fire. 

Alternatively, as a member of the Royal Marine Band, you may choose to pick up the fife, drum, or both and entertain both the public and fellow members with music from our period of history. 

We welcome adults and children to join our Band, so long as they can hold a tune!

If you are interested in joining as a Royal Marine Band or as a sailor or civilian musician, please head over to our Contact page; click the button below:

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