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Jonathan ‘Cookie’ Owens


Jonathan ‘Cookie’ Owens was a founding member and President of HMS Wales Reenactment Society, alongside his friends Ioan Bolt and Craig Harris. 


Reenactment all started for Jonny in 2014, whilst at a war gaming convention in Cardiff with Ioan. They were introduced to a Napoleonic reenactment group and ‘took the king’s shilling’ becoming members. From that point on, Jonny became part of the world of Napoloenic reenactment, he would remark on many occasions, “I like the Tudors more”, Jonny’s jovial character shining through (he meant the television show). 


Jonny took to reenacting like a duck to water, very much like his collection of rubber ducks, keep an eye out for one or two at our events. 


Jonny soon discovered an affinity for cooking in camp and a strong dislike for marching. Regularly saying, because of his bad knee, he can only do circles and couldn’t keep the tempo. It seemed in cooking Jonny found his place within reenactment and as he would travel with the rest of his group around the UK and further, he became a fixture in the kitchen tent, holding court and making all feel welcome, earning the nickname ‘Cookie’. 


Cookie became an instant hit with the many reenactment groups and members of the public alike, bringing the history of Napoleonic cooking to life and discovering and trying out new recipes and truly making the camp kitchen the heart of the camp. Cookie had a gift for being able to relate and find a common ground with anyone, regardless of language or age, and developed many friendships. Throughout the years Cookie became a guiding hand to new recruits in the camp. 


Skip forward to the beginning of 2020, along with Ioan and Craig, the three of them formed a new reenactment group based in Wales, HMS Wales (Historic Military Ship Wales). But unfortunately, Cookie was admitted to hospital 6 months later, where it was discovered he had terminal cancer. Cookie continued to fight and use his great sense of humour to get him through, still ensuring his friends and family were okay. 


Jonny ‘Cookie’ Owens passed away on 20th December 2020, aged just 33 years old. Cookie will be sorely missed by so many within the reenactment community. Not just as a reenactor but as a friend, a brother, a son, and an uncle, who would take the time to just visit and be a part of your life. A source of help whenever asked and ask nothing in return. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him in the reenactment community. 

Cookie Cooks - Recipes from the Royal Navy 1805

Cookie combined his passion for food and reenactment, his aim was to create a recipe book of Georgian meals, that would be educational and fun for all the family. Cookie passed before he could complete it, so his fellow members worked together and are pleased to announce that Cookie Cooks: Recipes from the Royal Navy 1805 is NOW available. 

All proceeds from the sale of Cookie's book, will go to supporting HMS Wales' projects - just how Cookie intended. Thank you for supporting us. 

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