Hire HMS Wales

Nelson's Navy Challenge
We bring our living history encampment to life with our interactive Nelson's Navy Challenge, making it fun and educational for all of your visitors. The Challenge is made up of various stalls within our camp, that depict different areas of the Royal Navy 1805. Such as, a Gun deck, armoury, galley, signal station and many more. 
Our crew sets your visitors a nautical challenge, one at each stall, from firing the ships cannon, to raising the signal flags or tying the best knot. 
Our Captain presents your visitors with a Certificate on completion of the Nelsons Challenge. 
This is fun for all the family and works towards our aim of educating the public on a piece of maritime history. 

Live Demonstrations
In addition to our encampment, we can provide live firing demonstrations of our brown bess muskets, as well as pike and musket marching drill. 
We take the shooting one step further and use the historic rivalry of a 1805 Sailor and Royal Marine - as we have one of each go head-to-head.
Our Captain will encourage your visitors to cheer on either the blue coated Sailor or the red coated Marine in our 3-shots-a-minute challenge. 

The Rambling Sailor
The Rambling Sailor is the title of our interactive historic talk. We aim to be informative, entertaining and encourage members of the audience to participate. 
The Rambling Sailor will tell the story and share experiences of life as a Sailor in Admiral Nelson's Navy. 

If you are interested in hiring HMS Wales for your event, please head over to our Contact page to request a brochure.